Culinary Compositions II


This body of work is a small selection of prints inspired by meals from around the world that have made their way through the mouth, nose and eyes and into my imagination. Food is my source of inspiration which catches my interests not just gastronomically, but also sensory, aesthetically and visually.


Food has been represented throughout the history of art in many still life works, but I am not interested in the pure visual representation of food. Food is prepared and presented to be eaten and digested, and therefore deconstructed. Here, I visually deconstruct meals allowing the magic to come out. As if observing the meal through a microscope, all flavours, ingredients and textures inspire this abstract landscapes. The audience is invited to find its own internal experience following these culinary maps..


Tastes and smells can lead us down a myriad of fault-lines that run through our lives.

Summer Roll
Valeria's Dinner Party
Udon Miso Soup
Tortilla de Patatas
Thali, South Indian Meal
Masala Dosa
Amanida de Tomata