Culinary Compositions I


I first discovered Polish food in 2011 at the popular restaurant Mamúska, in South London. I then had the opportunity to exhibit there as part of the second Art Licks Weekend in 2014. I ate nearly the entire menu during the summer/autumn to inspire my first body of work for 'Culinary Compositions'.


I took a selection of typical meals from Poland: Pierogie Ruskie, Bigos, Golabki, Kotlet Schabowy, Kotlet z Soczewic and Placki and studied their recipes, savouring each ingredient and understanding the whole process of cooking each dish. Using this knowledge I placed myself and the viewer in a vibrant, stimulating universe of flavours, making visual and colourful complex textures. 


When we eat, flavours can transport us over enormous distances, carrying us instantaneously to treasured places and moments in our memories or constructing other fantastical landscapes where our imagination can wander freely. 

Pierogie Ruskie
Kotlet Schabowy
Place Ziemniaczane
Kotlet Z Soczewic