Spontaneous Structures


I created this work for the exhibition 'Spontaneous Structures' in 2011 curated by artist, researcher and project designer Anne Laure Franchette at Meanwhile Whitechapel, London.


I understand a human being as a spontaneous structure. We follow a structure of life, our body functions by systems and according to rules, and somehow we work following routines; but this is not the reason we are structured individuals. The nature of our mind and its relationship with our physical body expose a dualism that coexist in one being: us. I see in the term 'spontaneous structure' a philosophy that discusses the immaterial (spontaneous): mind, and the material (structured): body. At the same time as they are ontologically distinct substances, they interact with each other. And from my point of view, this interaction is what develops a personal evolution.


To visualise this concept, I have focused on the human body and its symmetry. Our body is all about structure, rules and systems. We are externally symmetrical but not identical. I see symmetry as equilibrium, but materially we never have reached a total harmony, a total symmetry; only with the interaction of our mind we are able to get there. By aiming for this harmony we'll be in a state of constant evolution.